To conserve and to restorate the cultural heritage requires the mastering of numerous skills. You can find below our fields of intervention.

Mural painting

Conservation and restoration of painted decorations, frescos and mural paintings:
– Consolidation
– Cleaning
– Restoration
– Restoration of ancient decors
– Trompe l’oeil
– Faux marble decoration
– Faux wood decoration
– Stencil decoration…


– Gold-leaf gilding on different materials:
• Ferrous metals
• Non-ferrous metals
• Indoor
• Outdoor
– Restoration of ancient gilding:
• Consolidation
• Cleaning

Ancient Furnitures

– Conservation & restoration of
– Conservation & restoration of gilding

– Reparation and consolidation
  of woodwork
– Reparation and consolidation
  of sculptures


We only work with the best specialists to answer the needs of the decoration of the cultural heritage:
– Faux marble
– Faux wood
– Faux stone
– Decors creation
– Gilding
– All types of patina…


– Whitewash
– Mineral paint
– Old-style oil painting
– Tempera painting
– Preparation of ancient coating
– Glaze and patina..

Other conservation work

We also make other restoration, consolidation, or conservation work including:
– Bronzes cleaning
– Cleaning and conservation of marbles
– Restoration of painted canvas
– Restoration of textiles
– Restoration of gypseries…